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Faux Finish Paint

Faux Finish Painting Service

What you need to know about Faux Finish Paint Service in Scarsdale.

Are you searching for a faux finish painting in White’s Plain, NY? Faux finishing painting is an elegant way of personalizing your interior space. It can add dimension, depth, and texture to a wall, making your room appear larger and more comfortable. We have over ten years of experience providing quality faux finish painting services in White’s Plain, New York.

Our expert painters are highly experienced at working with different faux finish painting techniques such as color washing, antiquing, crackling, etc. Using high-quality tools and quality paint, trust our pros to create stunning finishes that will make your home’s appearance beautiful and unique. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your home’s interior with faux finishing.

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Benefits of Faux Finish Paint

Nowadays, homeowners are exposed to various types of painting and decorations when it comes to interior design. Faux finishing painting is a versatile way of adding more dimension, depth, texture, and illusion of space and comfort. Considering faux finish painting for your home in White Plains?Here are the main benefits of faux finish painting.

Professional faux finish paint services in Scarsdale NY

Give your space an aesthetic edge

Faux finish painting can give your walls and other surfaces an aesthetic edge. It adds depth, dimension, and illusion of space and comfort. For instance, if you want to make your room appear large and comfortable, you can use various faux finish painting ideas or techniques to effect it. Whatever your faux finish painting needs are, trust our team to meet your project needs and satisfy your desires.

Experienced faux finish paint services in Scarsdale NY

Variety of styles

Faux painting is a versatile painting method that comes with a variety of techniques. Faux methods can transform all sorts of spaces, including plastered walls, drywall, wood, metal, glass, ceramic etc. Surprisingly, it’s highly durable and can outlast most wallpapers, which tend to peel off over time. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it a perfect option for decorating interior spaces.

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Hide holes cracks and depression

If your walls have cracks, depressions, and walls, there’s no better method of correcting the faults than faux painting. Instead of hiding cracks and holes on your walls using wallpaper, faux painting can do the trick. We have over ten years of experience in providing faux painting services You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to painting and decorating your home using faux finish painting.



Faux painting can transform your home’s interior in many unformattable ways. However, hiring an experienced expert is essential in getting it right. DIY may not produce the desired results. Ultimately your budget and design needs determine which faux painting technique you choose.

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Understanding Faux painting

Faux painting is a decorative painting method, where designers attempt to mimic materials and surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete, fabric, etc. Faux painting is great at adding texture and dimension to your wall, ceiling and other surfaces at home. We’re a reputable painting contractor with a stellar record of transforming many homes in White Plains, NY. Let us know design ideas and we’ll make them a reality.


Long Lasting faux finish paints Service Scarsdale NY

Planning your faux finish painting project

Like any other project, we start the faux painting process by figuring all the supplies needed for your project. We measure the length and height of your walls and other surfaces. Using this info, we then determine how many coats your walls need to attain the desired appearance. We have a team of highly talented and experienced faux painters ready to update your home’s interior. Contact us today.

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Faux paint finish techniques

Faux finish painting can appear intimidating, especially if you have never carried out a repainting before. Working with a certified professional can help you learn about the practice and the techniques involved. Some of the standard faux finish painting techniques currently popular with many homeowners include; sponge rolling, rag rolling marbleizing, wall stripes, and color washing. Our expert painters are comfortable working with various faux finish painting techniques.

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Scarsdale Faux Finish Painting

We’re a reputable painting contractor based in White Plains, NY. We provide various painting services with an emphasis on doing the job right and satisfying clients’ needs. Having been founded over ten years ago, we have handled projects of all shapes and sizes, so you’re in safe hands if you decide to work with us.

Everyone on our time is highly trained, experienced, and licensed to provide quality painting services. Also, all our personnel have worker’s compensation insurance to ensure our clients aren’t responsible if an accident occurs at your place of work.

Can you paint over a faux finish?

Preparing the surface is the key thing to painting on a surface. Sanding is one of the techniques we use to prepare surface that need painting.

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