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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Service

What you need to know about Exterior Paiting Service in Scarsdale.

Many homeowners focus on painting their interior spaces but often neglect their exterior surfaces. Exterior painting not only protects your home from outside elements, but it can also increase the overall appearance and value of your home. We’re qualified and experienced exterior painting contractors in White Plains, New York.

Whether you’re considering putting your home for sale or you want to create a tidy and fresh appearance, our qualified painters are well equipped for the job. Armed with quality paint and high-grade equipment, we can handle all your exterior home painting needs. Let us know your budget and style needs and one certified pro will come to your home, assess your space and come up with a fair estimate. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Benefits of Exterior Painting

There is no denying that painting the exterior makes your home more functional and aesthetically appealing. Whether you’re considering upgrading the look of your home or you’re planning to put it on the market, painting a house exterior e is highly beneficial. Have any doubts? Here are the main benefits of painting exterior.

Professional exterior home painters services in Scarsdale NY

Enhance the appearance of your home

Whether your home’s exterior’s look and feel have deteriorated over the last few years or you dislike the current paint colors, giving your exterior surface a new coat can be transformational. Our painting experts in Whites Plain, NY, can help increase the attractiveness of your home’s exterior. We can help upgrade the look of your home’s exterior so that it looks new and lively.

Experienced exterior house painters company in Scarsdale NY

Increase your home value

Painting your home is one of the best ways of increasing the value of your home. Exterior painting can increase your home’s value to up to 140 per cent, meaning you’ll get a higher price, if you put it on sale. Need to increase the value of your home? Talk to our painting experts and learn how our painting services can help sell your home for a higher price.

Affordable Exterior House Painters Service New York

Increase protection against elements

Elements such as wind, rain, storms, fire, insects, pests can potentially damage your home. Using the right coat of paint, you can protect your home’s siding from damage. Paint can prevent moisture from trickling into your home, hence keeping mould or mildew at bay. Paint is also great for protecting your home from precipitation damage and stopping pests and insects from infesting your exterior..


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When done correctly, exterior painting can update your home’s look and protect it from nature’ elements. However, the right exterior process ought to be followed for best results. We are one of the top exterior painting companies in White Plains, NY.

Painting Exterior House | Top-notch painting services in Scarsdale NY

Exterior painting process

Here’s how we approach exterior house painting. Our exterior home painting process follows steps that include; power washing, trenching, masking, preparing the foundation, scraping, performing repairs, caulking, priming, trimming, and site cleanup. By following these, our painters can do the job right, within budget and one time. Get in touch with us, and one of our qualified painting technicians will walk you through our process.


Painting a House Exterior White's Plain, New York

painting exterior vs vinyl siding

Vinyl siding requires a larger investment than painting regardless of quality, style or location. Painting exterior house requires less investment upfront, yet can last up to 7 years on average. If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s exterior without blowing up your budget, consider painting over installing Vinyl siding. Our exterior paint experts are ready to listen to your needs and find a suitable solution that satisfies your desires.

Painting brick House Exterior Professionals

Roll vs spray painting

Spray painting is effective in painting large surfaces that don’t require more accuracy. It can be effective for painting exterior walls and other exterior surfaces. On the other hand, roll painting may be ideal for painting interior walls, where more accuracy is needed to ensure the paint doesn’t get into other surfaces. We’re a full-service painting contractor that offers both spray and roll painting options.

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Why Choose Us?

Exterior Painting Scarsdale NY

We are highly experienced and passionate about painting. Our knowledge of the painting process and application has been key to our solid reputation. Our expertise can be traced back to working with many products, surface materials, and consistently training our personnel. Many clients in White Plains New York choose us because of the following attributes:

  • Highly experienced in painting house exterior painting processes.
  • Expert knowledge of painting products and equipment
  • Professionally drafted quotes that are well detailed
  • Use of project managers to ensure efficient communication and timely delivery of projects
  • Friendly painting pros ready with a great attitude and mannerism


Which type of paint is best for painting brick house exterior?

We use a variety of exterior paint options depending on your needs and budget. Latex paints may be ideal for your project

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